About Us

Our program started as St. Martin Ukrainian Bilingual Playschool Society in 1982 to provide a Ukrainian bilingual experience in a playschool setting. In 2016, we expanded our program to include an After School component to offer this same program to additional ages of children. At this time, our name was changed to Kalyna Kids Society

Kalyna Kids is located in south Edmonton, in St. Martin School, and offers a unique blend of cultural, play, and faith-based learning programs for children ages 2.7 to Grade 6. We focus on providing children opportunities to learn about their environment by doing crafts, listening to stories, engaging in physical activity, singing songs, and playing games. We welcome all children, regardless of ethnicity, cultural, language, or faith background. 

Our program is staffed by friendly, hard-working Early Childhood Educators who greatly enjoy working with children, are caring and fair, and are positive role models. We offer morning or afternoon Playschool programs for preschool children, as well as half-day Kindergarten Enrichment classes for older children attending the St. Martin Kindergarten program. We also offer a lunch supervision program for Kindergarten children, facilitating the transition during the day for students attending both programs. We also help ensure our Kindergarten students get safely on the bus. We also offer similar After School programs (mornings and afternoons) for Kindergarten through Grade 6 students. 

We are very flexible and are happy to work at finding a programming schedule that works best for your family. Please feel free to contact us.

Kalyna Kids is a non-profit society registered in the province of Alberta, and a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (Registration Number 108029604RR0001).

Goals and Philosophies

Our certified Early Childhood Educators ("teachers") make learning a second language  fun and exciting by working with each child’s individual skills and  abilities. Our program offers a warm, caring, respectful, safe, and  stimulating environment which is designed to meet the needs of our  children and their parents. For Playschool parents, we provide flexible  registration options, offering morning and afternoon classes and choice  of days per week.  For After School parents, we offer registration  either full time or on Thursdays only, and classes in mornings and  afternoons as well as on many non-school days.

No previous knowledge of the Ukrainian language is required and our  Program welcomes all children and families, regardless of their  language, cultural, or faith backgrounds.