FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does "flexible days" mean?

For Playschool, you can enrol your child for between two and five days per week, mornings or afternoons, any days of the week (space permitting). Note that we only accept ages four and older in our afternoon classes. For After School, you can enrol your child for 1 or 5 days, which include Thursday afternoons (early dismissal). We have a short morning program if you need early drop off.

Are parent duty days required?

 There are no in-class parent duty days. However, as the general operation of our organization needs the support of parent volunteers, we do require involvement from all of our Playschool and Kindergarten-Enrichment registered families. Jobs range from various executive positions, to making play dough or coordinating school picture day. We try our best to match a duty that needs to be done with a duty that you want to do. A family duty deposit PAD is required upon registration which is not processed if you complete your assigned task. 

More information on family duties can be found in the Program Handbook on our Registration page.

Families registered in the After School program are not required to participate in family duties; however, any assistance is always welcome.

What is your child to supervisor ratio?

We meet the Alberta Child Care Licensing Regulations for minimum staffing requirements. However, we strive to exceed the ratios as much as possible because we like to keep our class sizes smaller and still have two teachers available. This allows for more focused work with our students.

How many classrooms do you use for your program?

We currently operate our program out of two classrooms located in St.  Martin Elementary School.  The spaces are clean, bright, open, and contain age appropriate toys, books, puzzles and other learning  materials.

How is the program funded and are there any fundraising requirements?

Even though we are located within an elementary school, we do not receive funding for our programs from any school board. We are able to meet our financial obligations through tuition fees received, donations, casinos, and fundraising. Families who register their child in Playschool or Kindergarten Enrichment have to submit a fundraising deposit PAD which is not processed if they fulfill their fundraising obligations. There are several opportunities to participate in fundraising with flexibility for families to select which fundraiser will work best for them. More information on fundraising can be found in our Program Handbook under Forms.

Our bi-annual casino brings in the bulk of our fundraising money and is essential to the continued sustainability of our program. Playschool and Kindergarten Enrichment families are required to work our casino.

Families in our After School program are not required to fundraise; however, they are more than welcome to participate by purchasing any items or making donations.

Kalyna Kids Society is a federally-registered charity and will issue a Tax Receipt for any donations, registration number 108029604RR0001